Main Plot Edit

The Psycho is an imaginary villain the 1st main character imagined.

Physical Appearance Edit

The Psycho looks like he has human skin, but it's just colored plastic and is from the minecraft dimension. The Psycho wears a dark green coat, light brown pants, and black shoes along with a white mask with black holes for eyes.

Personality Edit

The Psycho acts crazy around humans because he thinks they're unsafe after he encountered pranksters. After the next April Fools Day, The Psycho snapped into a crazy state where he wanted to capture and brainwash all of Minecraftia.

Abilities Edit

Super Strength-The Psycho is estimated to be very strong.

Pyrokinesis-Being a robot, The Psycho has a built-in flamethrower for long-ranged attacking.

Mind Control-The Psycho can only trust minecrafters he has brainwashed so they don't do any "unsafe\unfriendly" activity.

Friends Edit


Other Edit

The Psycho's is a reference to 3 things:

  • The "Psycho" enemy from Terraria
  • PAMA from Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7: Access Denied
  • Brainiac 1.1 in LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Clash

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