Main Plot Edit

Psychobots are miniouns to The Psycho.

Physical Appearance Edit

Psychobots have roboticly patterned arms and legs made of gray metal along with yellow eyes and black sclera. The head of a Psychobot is a table shape for no apparent reason. Psychobots are mostly built of white metal.

Personality Edit

Psychobots are loyal to their owner, but some are undercover acting like the rest to try and stop The Psycho.

Friends Edit


The Psycho(most)

Abilities Edit

Mini Access-Because of a Psychobot's size, it can fit through half-slab high gaps.

Poison Sting-Psyhobot hands are equipped with knock-out tasers.

Surface Walk-Psychobots can safely walk over ice and slime blocks without slipping, and don't activate falling sand under cobweb traps.

High Jump-Psychobot feet can also be on a high jump mode where their feet have slime blocks underneath.


The Psychobots are somewhat a reference to Brainiac 1.2 and Brainiac 1.3 in LEGO Justice League: Cosmic Clash.

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